David’s principal research interests are:

Glacial dynamics and geomorphology, particularly the links between glacier structure and depositional landforms.

This research theme explores the nature of the debris-bearing structures within glaciers, the conditions under which they form and their ultimate expression in the sediment-landform associations left on glacier recession. This work utilises data collected in contemporary glacial environments (Svalbard, Iceland, Sweden) and the Quaternary landform record (Britain). I am increasingly interested in basal glacial processes.

See the Glacial research page for more information.

Data collection and analysis in the geosciences, in particular new utilising new digital methods.

This theme is focused around digital methods of collecting and analysing data. The principal output is software for the automated and in situ measurement of river-bed sediment texture based on digital-image analysis of photographs taken using a hand-held camera. I am also interested in the analysis and measurement of particle shape, in particular its statistical characterisation.

See the Instruments and methods page for more information.

Other areas of interest include the history of geomorphology and the impact of tributaries on river sediment fluxes.

See the Other research page for more information.

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